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Welcome to OUI COACH.
OUI COACH is your personalized fitness training platform.
With OUI COACH, your coach can step in at your home, at your place or
on your company premises, but also remotely everywhere in France
through video sessions.
OUI COACH is the assurance of having a qualified, professional coach by
your side, attentive and available until the successful completion of your
personalized program.
Weight loss, fitness, bodybuilding, stretching, fitness, muscle building,
nutritional advice, there will always be an adapted and personalized
program with OUI COACH.

Our strong points !


Our licensed coaches, many of whom are former top athletes, come from qualifying and compulsory
training, such as the BPJEPS, the BEMF, the DEUST for fitness trades, or STAPS.

Their 1 st aim is to guide you in training after an accurate assessment of your fitness.


Sports and health monitoring software, allowing your coach to support you in achieving your fitness
Thanks to many features that you will discover by downloading the application, you will be able, in
complete confidentiality, to exchange with your coach and centralize your data, session by session, for
precise and quality progress monitoring.


Fitness training requires solid multidisciplinary skills.

In addition to mastering training techniques, there is essential knowledge in terms of lifestyle, well-
being, health and nutrition.

Beyond their role as fitness trainers, coaches have a role in prevention, listening, teaching and

“Sport will seek fear to dominate it, fatigue to triumph over it, difficulty to
overcome it.”

Pierre De Coubertin


On-site training

Online training

Home service

At the Gym


“Le sport mesure la valeur humaine en millimètres et en centièmes de seconde”

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Bernard Arcand

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O platforma cool. Mi-a permis sa gasesc un antrenor competent. Recomand.
Stefan Andrei, Yes Events

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